400 gr / 120 gr
beef stew with tender black angus beef, carrot and onion with a touch of borsch for sourness and lovage
*on request we can offer: sour cream and hot pepper

Asian miso and mushroom soup


400 gr
chicken broth with miso paste from fermented beans, shiitake and shimeji mushrooms, soy sauce, sesame seeds, and scallions


Beef salad


100gr / 350gr
fresh salad with youghurt and chives dressing, black angus beef a little bit spiced with chilli sauce, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers

Burrata Salad


125 gr / 275gr
the perfect salad with burrata cheese, salad mix, marinated baked peppers, cherry tomatoes, pesto dressing and pumpkin seeds

Caesar salad


100 gr / 250 gr
the famous caesar salad with dressing based on anchovies, served with crispy chicken, parmesan and croutons

Halloumi fries


100 gr / 200 gr
an easy starter with crispy halloumi, served with salad mix with cherry tomatoes, homemade guacamoele, and wedges with parmesan


Beef tartare


120 gr / 120 gr / 60gr
premium black angus beef, freshly cut and flavored with onion, capers, cornichons, served with egg yolk

Artichoke cheese dip


400 gr / 200 gr
baked cheese dip with artichoke served with tortilla chips

Bone marrow


500 gr / 120 gr / 20gr
beef bones with soft marrow, gentle baked and flavored with homemade chimichurri and lime peel, served with bread

Baked Camembert


500 gr / 120 gr / 20gr
baked camembert cheese with rosemary, garlic and honey, served with toasted bread, salad mix and homemade cranberries

Big Tasty Nachos


700 gr
a special combo with tortilla chips, red beans, cheddar cheese, sour cream, jalapenos, scallion, all prepared in the oven, perfect to share with your friends

All the dishes in this category are prepared and smoked at our location, in a classic American-style smoker, using hardwood, and smoked for a prolonged time in order to provide you with the taste and texture of an authentic experience.

HOmemade baners and mash


200 gr / 250 gr
homemade sausages made from beef brisket and pork neck, with cheddar cheese and jalapeno peppers served with truffle mashed potatoes and demi-glace sauce.

Beef Brisket


150 gr / 250 gr / 100 gr
beef cheeks cooked sous vide with vegetables and spices, served with polenta with milk and parmesan and mustard sauce

Pork Ribs


350 gr / 200 gr / 100gr
pork ribs slowed cooked and smoked in house, served with wedges with parmesan and homemade coleslaw salad

Pulled Pork Sandwich


350 gr / 200 gr / 100gr
a delicious dish with slow cooked pork leg flavoured with herbs, vegetables and sauces, served with coleslaw salad, crispy onion and wedges with parmesan

Jaxx Speciality


200 gr / 200 gr / 50 gr
beef cheeks cooked sous vide with vegetables and spices, served with polenta with milk and parmesan and mustard sauce



200 gr / 200 gr / 50gr
pork breast rolls marinated with herbs, slow cooked and served with grilled vegetables salad with oregano and chives aioli sauce

Coquelet de bretagne


500 gr / 120 gr / 20 gr
small chicken specialty, bred in Brittany region, cooked whole using sous-vide, infused with garlic and thyme, served with zucchini, onion, cherry tomatoes, basil and feta cheese

Osso bucco


250 gr / 200gr /
slow cooked veal shank served with celeriac and potato puree infused with blue cheese and homemade demi-glace sauce

Salmon FIlet with veggies


200 gr / 250gr
salmon fillet cooked sous-vide, flavoured with herbs and served with pan fried vegetables and lemon dressing

Grilled Halloumi with veggies


100 gr / 200gr
grilled halloumi cheese with homemade pesto dressing and grilled vegetables

Tagliata steak (uruguay)


100 gr /200 gr
premium beef cut, served medium with chimichurri sauce, salad mix with cherry tomatoes and wedges with parmesan

Black angus steak (uruguay)


250gr / 250gr /
premium beef meat, served with dill and garlic infused potatoes, shimeji and shiitake mushrooms, truffle puree and homemade pepper sauce

t-one steak (olanda)


350 gr / 200gr
special black angus T-bone steak with butter and herbs, served with green peas cooked with butter and garlic



150 gr /
homemade cake with black chocolate and caramel sauce

cherry cheesecake


150 gr /
sweet and sour cheesecake with biscuit and butter crumble, cottage cheese with homemade cherry topping

pumpkin cheesecake


150 gr /
homemade cake with baked pumpkin and pear homemade coulis

Chicken parmigiana


150 gr / 250 gr
chicken breast with a delicious mozzarella and parmesan crust, served with spaghetti and homemade tomatoes and basil sauce

Beef / Veggie Fajita


100 gr / 250 gr / 100gr
premium black angus beef with a mix of bell peppers, king oyster mushrooms, shimeji mushrooms, cajun spices, cooked at a high temperature for an al dente texture, served with guacamole, sour cream and tortilla
*on request we can offer this dish also vegetarian/vegan

American Chicken Supreme


200 gr / 250 gr
tender chicken breast, sous-vide cooked, served with truffle mashed potatoes, caramelized carrots, broccoli and coconut milk velouté sauce

Fish and chips


180gr / 200gr / 100 gr
deep fried fish fillet with homemade pea puree and tartare sauce, wedges with parmesan

Buttermilk fried chicken


200 gr / 150 gr / 100 gr
marinated chicken breast with chefir and garlic, deep fried and served with creamy mac and cheese and coleslaw salad

Texas Burger


300 gr / 200 gr
a delicious burger with beef, pancetta, cheddar, tomatoes, onion, cornichons, salad mix, homemade burger sauce, served with wedges with parmesan

Springfield burger


120 gr / 120 gr / 60gr
one of our special burgers with beef, brie cheese, egg, salad mix, tomatoes, truffle sauce, served with wedges with parmesan

Bone marrow burger


250 gr / 200 gr
a special burger with black angus beef, maturated in seaweed and salt with beef marrow, salad mix, gorgonzola sauce, homemade onion and hot pepper jam, served with wedges with parmesan

Veggie Burger


250 gr / 200 gr
a vegetarian burger with halloumi cheese, salad mix, mushrooms, peanuts, olive paste, homemade pesto, served with wedges with parmesan

Beyond Burger


250 gr / 200 gr
a premium plant based burger, meant to offer an unique experience with salad mix, pickled jalapenos, onions, tomatoes, cornichons, sriracha mayo and wedges with parmesan



Cafea de specialitate / Specialty coffee

long black


Cafea de specialitate / Specialty coffee



Cafea de specialitate, cremă de lapte / Specialty coffee, steamed milk

flat white


Cafea de specialitate, cremă de lapte / Specialty coffee, steamed milk



Cafea de specialitate, cremă de lapte / Specialty coffee, steamed milk

matcha latte


Matcha, cremă de lapte / Matcha powder, steamed milk
*alege-ți cafeaua preferată și lapte vegetal
*choose your favourite coffee also with non-dairy milk

Hot chocolate


Ciocolată de specialitate, cremă de lapte / Specialty chocolate, steamed milk